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Market System Development

Development projects and activities typically involve a collaboration between donors (who pay) and implementers (who do). These parties’ interests overlap but are not identical. To know more about MSD click the link below

DFAT Monitoring and Evaluation Standards

Explore the extent to which MSD approaches can achieve impact across different contexts and whether there are certain pre-requisites contributing to success or failure

DCED Standards for Result Measurement

Learn to identifies the similarities and differences between DCED and FFID and proposes ways in which evaluators of DFID programmes make use of them. Click the link get more information

Value for Money

Know the similarities and differences between VFM audit and evaluation, and learn to identifies opportunities to strengthen the practice of both. More on the link below

OECD DAC Criteria

It examines innovation efforts underway in international development and humanitarian responses, and how they might need to be enhanced to address pressing health, social and economic challenges, as well as to secure societies’ long-term resilience. More on the link below

Gender and Social Inclusion

Learn to identify gender equality gaps, set goals and priorities that appraise gender equality. Click to learn more